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Discover the
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Thinking for Yourself - The Ultimate Guide to Independent Thinking
Feel trapped

Do you feel trapped
in an endless cycle
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It's time to free yourself
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those old books
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Here’s what people are saying about THINKING FOR YOURSELF…

“I never knew how much I knew until I completed this book.”

– M.T. Mynds (author of What Color is Your Wombat)

“This was the best investment I ever made.”

– Rob U. Blind

“I have never experienced a self-help book like this. It was like Shane was in my head.”

– Ima Larfin

In this thought-provoking new book, big name author, Shane van de Vorstenbosch, provides everything needed to begin thinking for yourself.

Are you a compulsive self-help book buyer? Do you find yourself constantly allowing others to do your thinking for you?

It’s time to break free!

Stop looking for help in the pages of a book and start finding things out for yourself.

Just $10. We must be joking!

Well yes, we are.

Thinking for Yourself is a parody self-help book containing 200 completely blank pages.

It does have its uses, though…

  • It’s an ideal gift for a self-help book junkie
  • It’s a great way to remind staff to think for themselves
  • Send one to your copy-cat opposition company. Subtle, huh?
  • It can be a fantastic giveaway at the end of training course to reinforce the value of independent thinking

And most important of all…

Yep. Every cent goes to a fantastic charity

Hands Across The Water is a brilliant organisation that is dedicated to enriching the lives of disadvantaged children and communities in Thailand through creating meaningful shared experiences.


Hands Across The Water

Hands Across The Water was originally formed in after countless Thai children were left alone and homeless by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Former police forensic specialist Peter Baines, working with the tsunami disaster victim identification team, was deeply touched by the number of children affected by the natural disaster and was inspired to establish an organisation that could make a real difference. In late 2005, a team of committed individuals with the desire to help others formed Hands Across The Water.

This charity was unlike many others, it was nimble, entrepreneurial and strived for goals that many thought were unattainable. Just over 12 years later, Hands has raised more than $20 million for the children and communities in Thailand and now cares for more than 350 children throughout the country.

The reason for the charity’s success is two-fold. Firstly, we don’t rely purely on donations. Instead, we create meaningful shared experiences for everyone involved with hands – experiences that truly provide food for the soul. Secondly, we believe in charity in the true sense of the word. This means:

  • Our care comes without conditions
  • We don’t seek to impose a religion or belief system upon those we support
  • We give children the chance to grow according to their own beliefs and traditions
  • Plus, 100% of donations go to the kids and their communities. No donors’ money goes to administration in Australia. Or staff costs. Or marketing. Or fundraising.


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